Meredith is a 33 year old writer and comedian in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in Austin, Texas where she attended St. Edward’s University. She cut her teeth in both the entertainment and beer industries, having worked as a producer and on-air talent for KISSFM Austin as well as working for two large beer companies until she made her move to California for a job managing sales in the Los Angeles area for a major craft brewery. Meredith found her voice through Twitter and Instagram and now writes and performs stand-up in the Los Angeles area.

Meredith has appeared as a guest host on the podcasts “Another Effin’ Breakup” and “Sex Actually” and was a guest on the hilarious live comedy talk show “Running Late with Scott Rogowsky.” She made her stand up comedy debut on the “Sunscreen Stand Up” show in Redondo Beach, California in early February of 2017 and is looking forward to performing more in the future. Keep an eye out for big things from Meredith in 2018 as she conquers the internet, sex, and dating in the most authentically hilarious way she can.

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