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I’m so excited to add this for the first time to my site! You guys have sent me a some good questions and I’m looking forward to answering more. Here’s this week’s therapy session!

Q: Is it possible to date someone who hates feelings? 6 months ago I started dating my best friends sister-in-law because he told me I couldn’t after I said she was beautiful. So it started out of spite but after a half of a date I realized she was actually someone who I could really be with. I’m not much of a feeling guy but I really do like her so should I give up or just keep dating her and hope one day she changes her ways.

A: As someone who hates feelings, this is a tough call. If you really like her and think she’s worth it, I’d encourage you to hang in there, but look after yourself. Don’t allow her to walk all over you or to string you along. Be direct; 6 months is a long time to still be figuring out if the emotional level is there. Ask her if she sees a future with you and be clear to her about the way you feel. If she is still around she obviously has some sort of feelings for you, so just make her feel comfortable expressing herself to you.


Q: Is the toilet paper roll test true or false? If a guy can slide his penis inside the roll does that mean he’s smaller than average? It’s a girth test or something? Hope to hear back thanks!

A: Okay first of all, what is this toilet paper roll shit you kids are doing these days? Never not once have I told a guy to stick his dick inside a toilet paper roll. That’s fucking dumb. A better way to tell if your girth is on point is by actually fucking a girl and letting her tell you. And ladies, don’t lie. That does NOBODY any good. Guys, stop sticking your dicks in toilet paper rolls and start sticking your dicks in some pussy or a mouth or an asshole, fuck.


Q: So here’s the deal. I got into contact with a girl who lives on the other side of the country. We text pretty often. She’s pretty cool, attractive, etc. She sends me sexy pics and we talk about some hot and heavy stuff.

All that is great but I just don’t want to come across as the average dude. She tends to lead with sexuality which isn’t a bad thing. I just want to be different from the pack and stimulate her mind and body. Hard to do via text and I want to keep her interested until we plan visits. Does that make sense? Don’t want the typical boring small talk.


A: I can totally relate to this situation. I got into something similar at one point and what really made me see this guy as something different was that he was pretty much the only guy NOT making everything about sex. He was genuinely interested in my life, my goals, my background, etc. If she’s comfortable giving out personal information maybe send her flowers or something, just a nice gesture to show that you’re not just interested in fucking her. Ask her about what she wants for her future, show a genuine interest in her interests. Now, if she is only interested in something sexual, then those things might scare her away. But there’s really only one way to be sure if this is worth pursuing and that’s just going for it. That’s what worked for me, and we wound up meeting up and having an amazing time together and stayed in touch for  months before he wound up being a total douche. Don’t be a douche.


Q: So a lot of people around my area want just relationships. I don’t mind that but I’m picky AF. Plus I’m in college and just want to have fun and I mean who doesn’t love sex? But everyone I meet seems to want to talk for 3 months and then date for another 3 before they even do anything sexual. Not sure if it’s me but any ideas on what I can do to fix this situation?

A: Okay, what the hell prude ass college do you go to??? When I was in college hooking up was the word! Honestly if we’ve gone out on 3 dates and you haven’t attempted to put your dick in me I’m not even interested. Get on tinder. I know, I know, but seriously. College is the exact time you should be having fun and not being serious about anything relationship wise. I’ve always said, being in a relationship in college is a lot like leaving a party at 9:30—you’re outta the game before it even gets good! Tinder is a great resource for finding other people who just want to have fun and have no expectations. Another good tip is go for someone older. People in their mid to late 20s are less likely to play those games and be down for just a good time, and if they’re not they’ll tell you so. And college aged ladies, if you’re reading this, dump your boyfriends and have a hoe phase, it builds character.


Q: How can I tell if a girl is playing me?

A: Well, if she’s any good at it, you can’t. But here are some tell-tale signs. She still has her tinder or bumble app on her phone, she keeps her phone close to her chest when she answers it, and her snap/IG DMs are poppin off at all times (unless she’s a memer or something). Another way is that when texts pop up on her phone other guys have suggestive emojis next to their names. I only have emojis next to my 2 best friends’ names and on the off-chance I were to actually have a boyfriend I’d probably put one after his. Another way to tell is if she is purposely vague with details when she tells you what she’s doing. Pay attention when she omits details, and watch the way she introduces you to her friends and the way they react to meeting you. Also look at her social media and see who she is commenting on or tagging in things. I legitimately figured out a guy was playing me all because of comments and tagged things on instagram. Personally, I just ask someone if they’re talking to/sleeping with anyone else. If you have a suspicion, it’s better to just get it out-of-the-way and ask instead of acting like a crazy stalker and then potentially being wrong.


Thank you for your questions guys! I have some more in my DMs and emails and I’ll answer even more of them next week so keep them coming! Ask me anything, sex questions, dating , whatever you can think of! Until next week y’all.



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