I matched with Jason on bumble shortly after moving to LA, but our communication was very sporadic and I didn’t really think we’d ever wind up meeting. First of all, he was gorgeous, and I almost assumed it was a fake profile given how infrequently he would message me and how long it took for him to ask for my number. But I held onto the idea that he was a real person because he was a catch by any standards. Tall with dark eyes and hair, a perfect smile and chiseled body. He was in his mid-thirties, a former model who owned a business and had homes in Denver and Beverly Hills, looking for something with substance. Hello dream guy! After a couple of months of back and forth communication, Jason and I were finally going out to dinner and drinks and I was really excited.

Jason walked in and I felt like the heart-eyes emoji. He was just as good-looking in person, and our chemistry was amazing. He had me laughing all throughout dinner, and we wound up sitting there for hours before we realized the place was closing and we were one of the last couples there. I’d taken an uber to the restaurant, and Jason offered to take me home. We arrived at my place and he got out to walk me to my door, and the goodnight kiss was like fireworks. I could not wait to see Jason again, and he quickly asked if I was free the next night. He came over the following night and we had a couple glasses of wine and paid absolutely zero attention to Netflix (no idea what we were even watching), and there was no chance of us keeping our clothes on.

The sex was amazing. He was generous and immediately started working his way down my body with his mouth until he was going down on me. We rolled around in the sheets for what seemed like an hour, and then once again in the morning before he left. Jason was definitely a keeper, and I was sad I’d have to wait another two weeks to see him again as he was heading back to Denver for some business meetings. He promised he’d let me know as soon as he was back in town and I couldn’t wait. Two weeks go by and I get a text from a girlfriend:

“Is this your dude?”

She had apparently matched with him previously on bumble as well and he was messaging her, all while telling me he was still in Denver. Okay, maybe he just got back, no big deal. She kept messaging back and forth just to see if he would admit to being back or get some more intel. Maybe Jason wasn’t as great as he seemed. He made weekend plans with her, all while ignoring me. I waited for him to finally respond, and when he did it was as if nothing had happened and he asked me out for the weekend as well. I said yes, and couldn’t be mad, after all I was going out with other people too and we’d only hung out twice, no harm no foul. But I was immediately suspicious when his timeline of being out-of-town didn’t add up.

I told another friend of mine the story and she wasn’t buying his excuses. She decided to do a little FBI work and what we found blew my mind. Jason, a self-proclaimed “good Christian man” had an entire family back in Denver. A wife, kids, the whole 9 yards, and he was just looking for his LA side piece. I went back and forth on whether or not I should track down the wife on facebook and tell her, or if I should just leave it alone and ghost on him. Jason made that choice pretty clear for me. The day before we were to go out again he texts me:

“Hey, you’re really great and a lot of fun, but I just don’t see this going anywhere. Take care.”

Looks like Jason either found a side piece who wouldn’t ask questions, or maybe he had no intention of seeing me again after he slept with me. Either way, I dodged a bullet. I have no interest in being the other woman, and for Jason’s wife’s sake, I hope he’s keeping it in his pants.

Author: meredithactually

Writer, joke teller, certified trainwreck, and onlyfans creator from Austin, Texas residing in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. Anonymity is the number one issue in dating apps if you ask me. The simple fact that anyone can be who they want to be and easily abuse the system in order to get what they want is a huge part of the reason the engine that is dating is currently running on fumes as it is. Anyway thats a conversation for another time. I usually like to play things cool but this guy obviously doesnt care who he hurts. That said I would still devise a way to communicate with his wife anonymously if it were me. Either way good read. Very fluid and easygoing post.

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